How To Get Free Bitcoin From This Site

Here are instructions on how to get your free bitcoins!!!

This site is what’s called a bitcoin faucet. All you need to do is put your bitcoin address into this form, click get reward and presto.. you get some free bitcoin!

To get setup so you can claim from our free bitcoin faucet and all the sites listed on the side of our website, follow these simple steps.


Step 1. Register for an account on

When you are registering on Faucethub you will need to enter your bitcoin address.. this is the address you want to get paid too.. so make sure you save it and have it ready for later.

If you don’t have a bitcoin address.. sign up to CEX and get a bitcoin address. (CEX is a secure trade platform where you can trade your bitcoins in for cash.)


Step 2. Once you have registered on FaucetHub.. and have your bitcoin address handy, copy and paste your bitcoin address into the box, solve the captcha puzzle, and click get reward!

That’s it, You can come back and claim more free bitcoin every 30 minutes!

Look on the right hand side of this website.. i have compiled a list of all the best faucets and tested them so you can go around and collect from hundreds of these websites and earn even more bitcoin.

You can also refer people to FreeBTCfor.ME and get 5% of whatever they earn.. if you refer hundreds of people you can make LOTS of money.

To earn referral rewards, use this link –

Just replace the Your_Address with your own bitcoin address that you registered on with!

Your link should look something like mine here –

Just get that link and spread it on your social media sites or give it to friends who are into bitcoin. The more people you send the more you can earn.. a great way to generate lots of free bitcoins!!


Here are even more ways to earn free bitcoin..


Play games and earn bitcoins


Pokebits – Cool pokemon style games where you can earn free bitcoin.

Satoshiwars – Play satoshi wars and earn free satoshis, recruit friends and earn more.

Virtual Pub – A cool virtual pub online game and bitcoin faucet.

Hot Coins – A free bitcoin faucet and game where you can win the jackpot.

Free BTC Mine – Bitcoin faucet, refer friends and earn more virtual bitcoin miners.


Other ways to earn bitcoin


Best Change – Just refer people to this web page and earn bitcoin, has a faucet too.

Coinpole – Bitcoin faucet and discussion network on bitcoin, refer friends and earn.

Nice Hash – Easily mine bitcoin on your desktop computer.

Kick Ass Traffic – Earn bitcoin for viewing websites.. very easy way to earn lots of bitcoin.


Tested faucets


Claim Bit – Nice and easy faucet to claim from, can pay up to 50 satoshi or more.

Mafia Coins – Easy to use bitcoin faucet.. paid me 50 satoshi on my first claim.

Claim Bits – Simple to use bitcoin faucet that pays 10 to 50 satoshi every 5 mins.

Daily Bits – Win up to $200 in bitcoin at this faucet!

Go Bits – 12 – 50 Satoshi eveery 5 minutes, fairly easy puzzles to solve to claim.

Star Bits – Get up to 20 satoshi every 5 minutes, nice and easy to use site.

Coin Dice – Easy to use faucet that lets you gamble your winnings.

Pentau Faucet – Claim up to 50 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

One Way Faucet – Claim 15-1000 Satoshi every 30 minutes on this site.

Fautsy – Claim up to 10-50 satoshi every 5 minutes, easy to use site.

Elena Faucet 1 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 2 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 3 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 4 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Gr8 – Claim 50 Satoshi every 5 minutes with this easy to use bitcoin faucet.

Go Bits – Clean looking bitcoin faucet that is fairly easy to claim from.

Golden Satoshi – A high paying bitcoin faucet, claim every 5 minutes, hard puzzle to solve.

Coinpole – Bitcoin faucet and discussion network on bitcoin that runs pays via faucethub.

Honey Money – Easy to use bitcoin faucet that pays well.

Bit Desire – Up to 5000 Satoshi every 40 minutes.

Get free coin – Register for free.. high paying faucet with other ways to earn bitcoin.


How To Earn Bitcoin Online – Here is a big list of all the ways you can earn bitcoin online 🙂





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