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Here.. have some free bitcoin 🙂

Balance : 13 satoshi

21 (90%), 50 (5%), 10000 (1%), 100 (1%), 75 (1%), 666 (1%), 777 (1%) satoshi every 60 minutes. Faucets

This network is fairly new but has a really nice looking wallet and some good paying faucets.. will add more to the list when more are released.


Moon bitcoin – The most popular bitcoin faucet on coinpot so far, get lots of free BTC here.

Moon Lite – Free litecoin faucet, nice and easy to use, easy to claim many times a day.

Moon Doge – Free dogecoin faucet that pays well and easy to claim often many times a day.

Bonus bitcoin – High paying and easy to claim bitcoin faucet.

Bitfun – Good coinpot faucet, register via email to get access, lots of free bitcoin here.


Play games and earn bitcoins

What a good way to earn bitcoin.. by playing games! Level up and refer friends.. do all kinds of cool stuff and earn bitcoin.


Pokebits – Cool pokemon style games where you can earn free bitcoin.

Satoshiwars – Play satoshi wars and earn free satoshis, recruit friends and earn more.

Virtual Pub – A cool virtual pub online game and bitcoin faucet.

Hot Coins – A free bitcoin faucet and game where you can win the jackpot.

Free BTC Mine – Bitcoin faucet, refer friends and earn more virtual bitcoin miners.

Chess Faucet – Beat the computer at chess and win from the faucet.


Other ways to earn bitcoin

Here are good ways to earn yourself some free bitcoin.. just by promoting different websites or offers to friends or on your websites and social media profiles.


RunCPA – Promote different bitcoin offers and ICOs, earn BIG bitcoin here. Read my tutorial.

Best Change – Just refer people to this web page and earn bitcoin, has a faucet too.

Coinpole – Bitcoin faucet and discussion network on bitcoin, refer friends and earn.

Nice Hash – Easily mine bitcoin on your desktop computer.

Kick Ass Traffic – Earn bitcoin for viewing websites.. very easy way to earn lots of bitcoin.



Tested faucets

Here are even more bitcoin faucets to get free bitcoin from.. check the side of our site you will find even more too! –>>


Claim Bit – Nice and easy faucet to claim from, can pay up to 50 satoshi or more.

Mafia Coins – Easy to use bitcoin faucet.. paid me 50 satoshi on my first claim.

Claim Bits – Simple to use bitcoin faucet that pays 10 to 50 satoshi every 5 mins.

Daily Bits – Win up to $200 in bitcoin at this faucet!

Go Bits – 12 – 50 Satoshi eveery 5 minutes, fairly easy puzzles to solve to claim.

Star Bits – Get up to 20 satoshi every 5 minutes, nice and easy to use site.

Coin Dice – Easy to use faucet that lets you gamble your winnings.

Pentau Faucet – Claim up to 50 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

One Way Faucet – Claim 15-1000 Satoshi every 30 minutes on this site.

Fautsy – Claim up to 10-50 satoshi every 5 minutes, easy to use site.

Elena Faucet 1 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 2 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 3 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Elena Faucet 4 – Quick claim faucet that pays 10 to 50 Satoshis every 5 mins.

Gr8 – Claim 50 Satoshi every 5 minutes with this easy to use bitcoin faucet.

Go Bits – Clean looking bitcoin faucet that is fairly easy to claim from.

Golden Satoshi – A high paying bitcoin faucet, claim every 5 minutes, hard puzzle to solve.

Coinpole – Bitcoin faucet and discussion network on bitcoin.

Honey Money – Easy to use bitcoin faucet that pays well.

Bit Desire – Up to 5000 Satoshi every 40 minutes.

Get free coin – Register for free.. high paying faucet with other ways to earn bitcoin.

How To Earn Bitcoin Online – Here is a big list of all the ways you can earn bitcoin online 🙂

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